What You Can Expect

What to Wear
Chose clothes that you would naturally wear and look good in. If there is more than one of you, do consider what each other is wearing, as you want to complement one another, rather than clash. Some clothes can be distracting or date, e.g. if they have a large logo or design. You are very welcome to have an outfit change during the session.
You are welcome to use a prop(s) for some images. Suggestions include a favourite toy, hat, scooter or bubbles to blow.
I will agree a day/time with you that works for you. In the summer months when the sun is stronger it is better to have a session as early as possible or towards the end of the day.
If you Need to Postphone
Unexpected problems can occur on the day, e.g. sickness or disappointing weather. If you need to postphone a photo session please do not hesitate to do so. If you make a booking, I can give you my mobile number in case you need to get hold of me. I ask for as much notice as possible and at least one hour. Similarly, I will let you know if in the unlikely event I am unable to attend.
Your Home
If you would like the photo sesion to take place in your home I will need a reasonable amount of space, and good window light. Consider backdrops, e.g. in the lounge, garden, children's bedrooms and double beds. I can have a look around your home (where you are comfortable for me to go) and make suggestions when I arrive. I do not offer a screen for a backdrop.
When photographing babies I will leave it to the parent/carer to position them. It it fine to have a break(s), as necessary, during the session.
Some children love having their photo taken while others feel uncomfortable (like many adults). I want the sessions to be an enjoyable experience so I will help them relax and have fun.hem the time and space to help them to relax and have fun. I will give them time to  gain their confidence and I am happy within reason to chase after younger ones. 
Please provide payment in full by cash, cheque or bank transfer by the end of the session. Cheques should be made out to "Jennifer Rees". If paying by cash you will need to have the correct money. I can provide my bank details on request.
After the session
The better photos will be chosen and edited. You will be sent a link by email where you can download the images. My aim it to have the images with you within two to three weeks after the session.    
You can find Jen R photography at www.facebook.com/jenrphotography. If you would like some of your images from the session to be uploaded into an album, for you to be tagged let me know.
Use of Images
The images are for your personal use and can be shared with friends and family. The headshots package allows the images to be used for unlimited use.

I may ask your permission to use one or more of the images from your session for my website, blog etc. If you are not comfortable with this just say "no" and I will respect your wishes.

All feedback is welcome. If you are unhappy with any aspect of the service please let me know straight away as I would hope to be able to resolve the issue.